California Scents Coronado Cherry Spillproof Organic Air Freshener

One of the more popular air fresheners offered at GR Sales Inc. in Los Angeles is California Scents Coronado Cherry organic freshener.

Very popular with many small mini market, car dealers and car washers, this small but potent scent is one to absolutely try. With a pleasant coronado cherry scent that will last up to sixty (60) days.
Air freshener is made in the USA and comes in a round tin recyclable container and contains three scented fiber pads. For maximum strength rotate scent pads to upright position. Keep scent pads from touching fabric, plastics or painted surfaces.
Another of the well known popular scents that comes as organic freshener is California Scents New Car Scent also available on

Little Trees Air Freshener by Car Freshener Aroma Pino Wholesale Mayoreo

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One of the many air freshener products GR Sales Inc. carries is the world wide popular Little Trees fresheners by Car Freshener. Offering a large selection of scents such as but not limited to New Car, Black Ice , Vanillaroma, Rose Musk, Top 48 count carded displays, Strawberry, Cherry , Leather and many others. 

An ideal freshener for anyone involved in the car was business or small business owners with plenty of foot traffic.

Sold at an affordable price with a great profit margin, these 24pk bags are a great value. Packed 144pc to a master case these small but popular fresheners are always in stock and ready to refresh any vehicle of room in your home.

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